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What's your hair care attachment style?!

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair. But when I know wash day is coming up, I mentally prepare myself.

My hair texture requires a gentle hand and time to pre-poo, wash, condition (I leave it in for at least 30 minutes. . . I use this as a snack break), rinse, and style with my various curly creams and potions. I need to have a patient hand when detangling and a line-up of podcasts for the entire process.

Your Shampoo Bottles Are Not Causing The Ocean Plastic Problem. Here’s Why That Matters

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Most shampoo bottles are landfill-bound, not ocean-bound, so be wary of marketing campaigns that automatically tie recycled plastic or plastic-free alternatives as “ocean-friendly”. 

You still need to consider all the plastic around the bottle too, including the plastic film used for palletized goods (cling film literally lasts a millennia before it degrades!)

Our plastic problem goes way beyond what we throw out: it goes back to the amount of virgin plastic we create, the inefficiency of recycling the plastic we already have, and the “on-demand” consumeristic mindset that makes this type of throwaway plastic in such high demand.

No hair texture left behind: creating an all-textures welcomed culture

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Dip deserves a slow clap moment, because it’s about time that there’s a quality, sustainable product that is good for your hair and the environment.

 Let’s keep in mind that until recently, sustainable beauty was not very colorful (literally and figuratively) in how it was marketed. Aside from crunchy packaging that came in fifty shades of beige, there was a lack of diversity in the faces and hair textures we saw representing these beauty brands.

No Pink Tax

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Most data will support that the pink tax costs a woman an average of 1,351 USD per year in comparison to if a man bought the same quantity. We’re not cool with this discrepancy so we refuse to let it creep into our costs. We have shampoo bars and the best conditioner bar for any gender.

10 Things Only Girls Who Have Tried Bar Shampoo & Conditioner Will Understand

Posted by Bec Cristillo on

Bar shampoo and bar conditioner is on the rise. We’re not going to pretend we’re the only ones doing this, but if you’ve tried to hop on the trend in the past there are some things you might understand as much as we do about why not all bar shampoo and conditioner is the same.