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Dip's guide to synthetic fragrance: Chemicals aren’t the problem but a 2D understanding of sustainability IS...

Posted by Nicole Warner on

On the flip side, natural fragrances are not sustainable by default.

Despite their eco-friendly reputation, natural fragrances are made by extracting the scent from plants and animals, and that biomass has to come from somewhere. Cultivating these scents can lead to overharvested farmlands, deforestation, and pesticide use, among other concerns. 

The green beauty industry loves phrases like “chemical free”, “no toxins”, but those can get a little greenwashy at the surface level.

Chemicals aren’t the problem; a 2D understanding of sustainability is. 

5 Ways Travel Can Change Your Perspective on Pollution

Posted by Bec Cristillo on

We’ve all seen them, the Instagram versus reality posts with influencers hitting the right angles to allude to fantastic sights all to themselves and then you see what it really looks like, crowded with tourists...

The Secret Hidden Plastic That Lots Of Eco-Friendly Brands Don’t Want To Admit To

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Our goal is to get you into small stores that do not accept palletized goods.  

That means locally-owned, small-scale, passionately-driven businesses! Sure, we make less money when we send you to stores instead of buying directly from our site, but that’s cool with us because we figure once we get you into a small store, you’ll notice that the experience is better.  

15 Things You Thought Belong in Your Recycling Bin but Actually are Bound for the Landfill & How They Can be Ruining Your Actual Recycling As Well

Posted by Bec Cristillo on
Wish-cycling doing quite the opposite actually. When your recycling is picked up and brought to a plant it’s first sorted and because of the immense volume of recycling that comes through daily they can’t pick out every piece of non-recyclable plastic mixed in. When they can’t pick it out it doesn’t go through and get to be recycled, instead the entire batch goes to landfill. Even the stuff that was supposed to be there.