Whalebone Comedy Club x Dip

Fast Fashion is Bananas

What's even more bananas is finding out that all those clothes you so carefully donate rarely gets a second life--instead they end up in landfills & that just ain't funny.

We at Dip & Whalebone find that humor is way more effective to drive change than finger-wagging-environmentalism; and we are so thankful you're here.  

Your mission is simple: Dip Your Shit. Take something from your donate pile and give it a refresh. 1000 Bonus Points for patching over a Von Dutch hat, bebe rhinestone shirt, or some Ed Hardy nightmare.



Now in NYC there's a difference between: "Hey, niiiiice dipshit" & "Hey! Nice Dip Shit!"


Please support our friend's Whalebone & buy Dip from their store while you're already there! 


We’d love to see your Dip Shit, DM it to us @dipalready