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Mini Dip Travel Tin - Hot Pink


Great hair can finally go with you everywhere!

We don't go anywhere without our good stuff, and neither should you. 

Made for your suitcase, gym bag, pool or beach!  

  • Designed to perfectly fit either a mini dip shampoo bar or a mini dip conditioner bar
  • Vented on the bottom so the little guys don't turn to mush inside the tin
  • Includes a bamboo round to avoid the bars sticking to the bottom, ensuring that they are always easily removed from the tin
  • Protects the bar & allows it to continue to dry even when closed
  • Pocket-sized
  • Available in 5 colors:


Please read:  the bamboo round is there to help prevent rusting & the bar sticking to the bottom.  Rusting will happen if you continue to over-soak the round or remove it from the tin.