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Unparalleled Premium Hair Care
One Bar for All Hair Types & Textures

Tired of trying to figure out which bar is right for you?

So were we, so we made our own

Our Super Sudsy Shampoo Bars are Magic

Formulated so the less you press, the better the lather: which means less fear of breakage and a much longer lasting bar!

Air Dry & Go

See why we call our conditioner bar "The Overachiever"

Dip out of the mainstream

Think outside the "big box", buy better & buy less

Choose Your Fragrance

Can't choose? We're here to help!

Mini Dips are here!

Don't call it a "sample" because this bad boy will last you a really long time :)

Find us online or in small stores only

Our mission is to support the change-makers: small refill stores, surf shops, boutique shops, selected salons and eco-minded hotels

Go ahead & get that hair wet

Don't spend your life dry with your phone in one hand

No Paid Influencers, Reviews or UGC

Because authenticity matters.

Sourced Responsibly

Because accountability matters

Renegade Honesty

Because we're all on this spinning rock together