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Meet the Team

Kate Assaraf - Founder

Kate thinks bios are hard to write but can write about her love of the environment and hair and plastic all day long.

Kate on Hair:

Hair is my therapy.  You can often find me scrolling Pinterest for new hair plans, I just can't stop. I've had every hair backstory, drama, triumph, and disaster there is:

  • box bleached & amateur, but also: professionally double processed by an editorial expert
  • box dyed & disastered; but also: box dyed & success!
  • micro braids and culturally cringey (looking back, I just wanted to be cool like Bo Derek) but also: natural, long, and flowy
  • high end clip-in extensions and also low end clip in bangs that were terribly shiny & fake looking in photographs
  • blonde, brunette, black, red, purple, pink, granny grey, & accidentally green (where I sat with ketchup and foil on my head for hours to remedy)
  • beautiful curtain bangs but also terrible hand cut bangs that needed barrette therapy

Here are some links about Kate if you're one of those investigative types; she used to be the CEO & Co-Founder of another brand called NOAP, which closed so the 2 partners could follow separate paths. 

Jonathan Assaraf - Creative Director

Jonathan is a man of many talents, one of which is cutting is own hair; even the back of his own head. In high school, people used to just show up unannounced on his doorstep for haircuts--and now it isn't weird for guests in his home to ask for a lakeside cut.

He graduated from SCAD in Industrial Design, and is a natural at building brands. His work is seen all over beauty and cosmetic circles (EOS, Zara, Kardashians, American Eagle, to name a few) and will never stop designing sustainable packaging solutions that look hottt.  

Jonathan designs for sustainability, and welcomes emails to his inbox:

Land Phil - Archetype of a Garbage Human Being

This is a fictional character that roams the planet & will show up from time to time on our TikTok.  Land Phil is the reason Dip needs to exist; the personification of all we’re against. Land Phil lives life in the now, so much so that he forgets how long doubling up on straws sits in the landfill. He is the ultimate consumer, “can’t take money to the grave” he’ll say so he buys and buys and buys and buys. He thinks he’s eco-friendly because he is an over-buyer of sustainable junk and is no master at spotting green washing. We brought him on the team to help point out the small actions you can be taking and hopefully he’ll learn a thing or two along the way.

Land Phil will be played by Jay Kahn, who is a great sport for being up for this! Fun Fact: Kate & Jay go way back to kindergarten.