Kate Assaraf of Dip Sustainable Hair Care

Kate is the founder of Dip Sustainable Hair Care which aims to playfully educate people about the environment while encouraging people to buy better, buy less, and shop small. She has been featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan Magazine, BYRDIE & in 2020 she was named a “Woman Of Courage” in Insigniam Quarterly’s issue celebrating female leaders who “think big, confront challenges head-on and never, ever take the well-worn path”. When she isn’t behind the scenes branding you can find her trail running, skiing or surfing (terribly!) and leading a genuinely eco-conscious life to help protect Earth’s natural playgrounds for future generations.

Kate fights the urge to change her hair regularly and has experienced many hair dramas & triumphs first hand.  This doesn't make her an expert on anything, except knowing that a good hair day can make a huge difference.


I have fine hair and I cancelled my Prose subscription for Dip. It was the best decision I ever made. Dip makes my hair feel 10x better, softer and gives me more volume than any other shampoo/conditioner combo. Plus, I want to put plastics and synthetic chemical companies out of business and dip helps me do that one bar at a time. Buy the bars! Dipping for life! You won’t regret it.

Eleanor T. (verified buyer)

The hype is real! My husband and I love the dip products!! We started off with just the mini conditioner and shampoo bar to test if they hype around this product is real....and IT IS! We are now proud owners of the full size bars, and they are the best! The scents are amazing, the actual product makes our hair look and feel so great, unlike any other shampoo/conditioner we have ever used! Keep it going dip team! You guys rock!

Delia H. (verified buyer)

The best shampoo bar on the market? YEP! I am truly floored by these shampoo & conditioner bars. I am a hairstylist and a former Lush shop manager, so I am very familiar with solid haircare, and I'm rarely impressed. I have thick, dark, wavy hair that I have managed to unalive with years and years of bleaching and dying and bleaching some more. It's fried. RIP. Dip has replaced my Kerastase shampoo, It's a 10 conditioner, Oribe leave in, and Olaplex serum. I use the Dip shampoo & conditioner in the shower + Dip conditioner as a leave-in, and my hair is healthier than it's been... my whole life? Incredible. Just buy it. Do it. Stop reading this and put it in your cart! 20/10

Alexis H. (verified buyer)

Game CHANGER when it comes to shampoo & conditioner bars! I've tried countless shampoo and conditioner bars and nearly gave up on them completely. The other brands felt like I was rubbing a regular bar of soap on my head and the residue build up was insane. My last attempt with shampoo and conditioner bars was with Dip. Dip has completely changed my mind about washing my hair with bars... there are seriously no other bars like Dip! I use them myself, my daughter, and I sell them to my customers, who love them just as much! Plus- you won't find these on Amazon, the owner supports small business, which is a total win on its own!

Kelsy P. (verified buyer)

I've chopped, straightened, and otherwise battled my curls for 5 decades and finally decided to stop the madness. On an Instagram whim, I decided to give Dip a try and holy moley! My curls are coming back defined, soft, and lovely. Walked into a coffee shop this week and the 20-something barista said, "You are so beautiful!" Almost knocked this 52 Old curls with new life!yo over. No one says this to a woman in her 50's and I'm crediting the return of my gorgeous curls, thanks to Dip!

Kendra F. (verified buyer)

Miracle product! I’m loving my Dip shampoo and conditioner. After being in the hair industry for almost 30 years, I’ve become allergic to even the organic products I was selling. I’m just a few weeks in to using Dip and for the first time in years my scalp doesn’t burn, the itch is completely gone and my hair looks and feels wonderful! I am thrilled and feeling like it’s a small miracle, but I’m back to loving my hair!

Kathy H (verified buyer)

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