Company Culture

We think: Hustle Culture is DEAD 

This isn't a way to make you believe that we don't work hard. 

We do. 

We do not work ourselves to the bone--and for a start-up, which we are, that is unusual.

The word "sustainable" isn’t all about the product line.

It also means your work ethic, your expectations, and the happiness of your employees.  How can we sustain anything if we aren't good to ourselves and the people who work so hard that believe in what we are doing?  Right now we are a tight team of 2.  

But the 2 of us don't do it alone. 

We hire amazing content creators, really smart operations people, and like minded really fun people who make us happy to wake up and work each day.  And if any of us don't want to work one day...guess what? 

The Earth still turns and someone can wait an extra day for their package to arrive.  Simple as that.  We have it set up so that this probably won't be the case, but if the inside of a company is unhealthy, well, we know where that goes.

If we learned anything through the pandemic, it's that people, not businesses, are the heart of humanity.  In our tiny town, we saw everyone rally for the greater good--but we also saw parents & children struggling, loss of jobs, and a serious decline in mental health overall.  

We promise as a company to treat our employees and independent contractors with empathy.

As a sustainable company we understand this and we work to create a universe of sustainability, not a performance of it. So we do things a little different around here. 

When our eyes started to blur from staring at a screen, we take play breaks. 

We joke that our “board meetings” are done from a paddle board.

Since we have no investors to impress and can grow at our own rate, we can be reasonable on ourselves about our own work expectations.

And just like the rest of the world learned, not everyone has to be present at all times, this for example means Kate (the owner of dip) can work at 1am when she does best and play with her kids during the day. Not everyone works the same and part of being sustainable is knowing the type of work your employees can sustain. 

We hope you love what we've built. 

We are forever grateful for you who help spread the word or write us emails & send DMs. 

We read every single one!


Team dip