Advice We Ignored

This isn't our first rodeo, just our new & improved one.  Even so, we got the same tired advice that we had before....


“Hire influencers!”

We are focused on real human connection and genuine trust.  We don't pay for likes, reviews or any other inauthentic marketing.  If that means we grow slower, then so be it.  We are cool with that.  

...That being said, if you love our stuff, tell your friends :)

“You should make different bars for different hair types because women like to feel special.”

Isn't it cool to infantilize women as if they would throw a tantrum if something is not specifically made for their super-special hair?!  Turns out, once water leaves the formula, the 'hair types' thing seemed like mostly marketing to us.

We let you just shop your fragrance so you can smell the way you want to.

“You shouldn’t let the bars last so long” 

We'll do what we want, thanks.  We want everyone to buy less....and we mean it.

“Market to everyone!”

Not everything needs to be for everyone.  This isn't for your Target haul, Shein, order-coffee-every-day-in-a-single-use-cup friend.  This is for someone who wants to make meaningful change in their routine without sacrifice. 

Fast fashion folks can shop elsewhere; they won't like what we have to say anyway.

“Go big to drown out your competitors early”

There's room for everyone.  As long as other brands are out there changing the world for the better, we're cheering them on.  

“People don’t care about ingredients as long as it works”

Yes and no. We care about the ingredients, and it is true that when surveyed, most people don't.  The top 2 answers we got when we asked people "what makes you buy your current hair products?" were:


  1. Performance
  2. Fragrance

 (harsh truth is that sustainability and ingredients were after price & convenience)

“Digital marketing is your best friend”

We think it's kinda lame to be honest. Prove us wrong.  We have dipped out of Surveillance Capitalism as best we can.  We don't share Facebook's values so we don't post there.  We don't retarget you online so you won't feel like we are watching you constantly...that is important to us. 

We just try to make really great products you want to tell your friends about.

“As long as it smells great it will sell”

Not true.  It also had to work....we have a graveyard full of "meh" bars that smelled awesome but didn't make the cut to prove it!

“If you are going to be eco friendly you need to use essential oils”

Oh. No.  There's be an extended blog about this but we don't think that essential oils are the holy grail of scent.  "Fragrance" gets a lot of bad press, and rightly so in many cases--but  not all "fragrance" is created equally so we went above and beyond to create Credo certified fragrances that we hope make you excited to try them all :) 

“You need to write your blogs like you're talking to 3rd graders”

We want smarties as customers so we are cool with upping the reading level. Also, when did this become a thing?!  We now look at all web sites differently.

“No one is going to dip their shit”

Maybe they will, maybe they won't-- but we will be damned if we ever try and sell someone a logo'd t-shirt when we know there are t-shirts dying in the world.  Start reading up about fast fashion and the horrors of unethical labor, water pollution, microplastics, impossible expectations for farmers and the carbon footprint of a garment...and you'll see why our team buys 99% of our garments second-hand.  (every once in a while we buy new, too though) 

“It looks really bad that you put plastic in your line”

Oh, we know...we don't care.  It is actually MORE sustainable to use the deadstock bottles (coming soon!) we found that are destined for the landfill than to produce new aluminum or glass ones.  We won't argue with anyone over this because we've done the homework.  

“People won't get what you're trying to do"

They will.  We believe in a lot. 

Whereas many folks are just idling on this planet--there are so many that are doing their best to appreciate it and protect it.  We see you, we love you, we invite you to dip in and write to us if you have anything to say.

“Men won't buy this”

Who made you the Lorax for all men?  

“People will go with a cheaper brand”

That's ok.  We are strong believers of:  you get what you pay for. 

These bars are meant to last you a long time--and save you money in the long run.  If you're a fancy salon-grade product shopper, the conditioner bar alone can save you over $200.  If you shop drug store brands, you'll probably get close to breaking even.