The End of Clean Beauty

Once upon a time, Clean Beauty was King.

That time, is over.

We think that calling something "clean" is a distraction.  It does not mean anything to the FDA and also creates chemophobia which you probably guessed is: an unreasonable fear of chemicals.  

Water is a chemical, so let's put that in perspective.

We think that marketing callouts are clouding judgement, and we vow to not use these misleading callouts:

  • non-toxic
  • chemical-free
  • naturally derived
  • dermatologist tested
  • reef safe
  • allergen free
  • green
  • clean

We think it's much cooler to call a spade a spade, call a chemical a chemical, and to call a marketing phrase a joke if it is one.

If you notice, we are very intentional about our call outs.  Our fragrances, for example are synthetic and phthalate free--and in our case, we went the extra mile to build them to Credo's Clean Beauty Standards because they are written with actual guidelines, accessible, and trusted in the community.

Calling something "clean" without tethering it to rules is a marketing tactic we just aren't cool with. 

That being said:  if you suspect that we have made a mistake in our marketing, please let us know so we can remedy it.  If this has ever happened, it is unintentional and we are here to be better, and do better every day. 

Seriously, email to let us know!