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Meet the Team

Kate Assaraf - Founder

Kate thinks bios are hard to write but can write about her love of the environment and hair and plastic all day long.  A recent article in International Business Times  goes deep into her backstory aka villain origin story :)

Kate on Hair:

Hair is my therapy.  You can often find me scrolling Pinterest for new hair plans, I just can't stop. I've had every hair backstory, drama, triumph, and disaster there is:

  • box bleached & amateur, but also: professionally double processed by an editorial expert
  • box dyed & disastered; but also: box dyed & success!
  • micro braids and culturally cringey (looking back, I just wanted to be cool like Bo Derek) but also: natural, long, and flowy
  • high end clip-in extensions and also low end clip in bangs that were terribly shiny & fake looking in photographs
  • blonde, brunette, black, red, purple, pink, granny grey, & accidentally green (where I sat with ketchup and foil on my head for hours to remedy)
  • beautiful curtain bangs but also terrible hand cut bangs that needed barrette therapy

Here are some links about Kate if you're one of those investigative types; she used to be the CEO & Co-Founder of another brand called NOAP, which closed so the 2 partners could follow separate paths. 

Jonathan Assaraf - Creative Director

Jonathan is a man of many talents, one of which is cutting is own hair; even the back of his own head. In high school, people used to just show up unannounced on his doorstep for haircuts--and now it isn't weird for guests in his home to ask for a lakeside cut.

He graduated from SCAD in Industrial Design, and is a natural at building brands. His work is seen all over beauty and cosmetic circles (EOS, Zara, Kardashians, American Eagle, to name a few) and will never stop designing sustainable packaging solutions that look hottt.  

Jonathan designs for sustainability, and welcomes emails to his inbox:

Carissa Cabrera & Alex Filardo 

 Carissa & Alex are our resident Marine Biologists/TikTok gurus on the team who also live in dreamy Hawaii educating folks about Ocean Conservation.  They are on team Dip to help educate & entertain---and are under strict instructions not to "influence" :)  We are so proud to have them on our team and our weekly DipTok meetings are one of the best times of the week.