Meet the Team

Kate Assaraf - Founder

Kate is the founder of Dip Sustainable Hair Care which aims to playfully educate people about the environment while encouraging people to buy better, buy less, and shop small. She has been featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan Magazine, BYRDIE & in 2020 she was named a “Woman Of Courage” in Insigniam Quarterly’s issue celebrating female leaders who “think big, confront challenges head-on and never, ever take the well-worn path”. When she isn’t behind the scenes branding you can find her trail running, skiing or surfing (terribly!) and leading a genuinely eco-conscious life to help protect Earth’s natural playgrounds for future generations.

Kate fights the urge to change her hair regularly and has experienced many hair dramas & triumphs first hand.  This doesn't make her an expert on anything, except knowing that a good hair day can make a huge difference.

Kate on Hair:

Hair is my therapy.  You can often find me scrolling Pinterest for new hair plans, I just can't stop. I've had every hair backstory, drama, triumph, and disaster there is:

  • box bleached & amateur, but also: professionally double processed by an editorial expert
  • box dyed & disastered; but also: box dyed & success!
  • micro braids and culturally cringey (looking back, I just wanted to be cool like Bo Derek) but also: natural, long, and flowy
  • high end clip-in extensions and also low end clip in bangs that were terribly shiny & fake looking in photographs
  • blonde, brunette, black, red, purple, pink, granny grey, & accidentally green (where I sat with ketchup and foil on my head for hours to remedy)
  • beautiful curtain bangs but also terrible hand cut bangs that needed barrette therapy

    Jonathan Assaraf - Creative Director

    Jonathan is a man of many talents, one of which is cutting is own hair; even the back of his own head. In high school, people used to just show up unannounced on his doorstep for haircuts--and now it isn't weird for guests in his home to ask for a lakeside cut.

    He graduated from SCAD in Industrial Design, and is a natural at building brands. His work is seen all over beauty and cosmetic circles (EOS, Zara, Kardashians, American Eagle, to name a few) and will never stop designing sustainable packaging solutions that look hottt.  

    Jonathan designs for sustainability, and welcomes emails to his inbox:


    Our TikTok Content Team:

    Precious Neely

    Precious Neely is a Manufacturing engineer, devoted wife, and mother of 3 - but she's also discovered an exciting new way to embrace her natural 4c hair. When she walked into FIELD Botanicals on the hunt for cruelty-free vegan products that would give life to her 4c curls, it was love at first sight! Trying out Dip hair products changed everything; they instantly gave definition without needing 10 separate components. Precious loves how easy Dip makes getting up & going with your own beautiful curly hair — something that has taken many years (and courage!) embracing this part of herself. Now as a team member at Dip , Precious gets the chance to teach others in similar boats about these amazing benefits too! She wants her 4c community to discover dip and how it can help redefine their relationship with their own hair and empower them to love their hair instead of combating against the kinks & coils.

    Carter Flanagan

    Carter Flanagan, a self-proclaimed hair disaster zone, has proven that sometimes the best hair advice comes from those who have made the most mistakes. Though not a professional in the hair industry, Carter has spent years experimenting with dyes and haircare products, and has found solace in Dip shampoo and conditioner. As a transmasculine artist based in Texas, Carter loves to change their appearance to match their creative projects and vibrant personality. With a love for bright colors and a willingness to take risks, Carter has become a haircare enthusiast and is always open to sharing their personal experiences with others. Carter is excited to be a team member at Dip, and wants to share what Dip can really do when put to the test with different colored-hair catastrophes many know all too well. 

    Niko Klimek

    In 2020 Nico became a full-time beach girl when she moved to Monmouth County. She works as a marketing manager and part-time spin and yoga instructor. She grew up snowboarding and doesn’t discriminate against a board sport- she also enjoys wakeboarding, skating, split boarding and most of all, surfing. Nico has been a customer of Dip since day one and uses it to protect her long, wavy hair from long stretches in the sun & sea.


    Ashton Royal

    Ashton is a sun-kissed South Florida native with a passion for sustainability and a love for the waves.  Her recent dive into the world of surfing deepened her connection to the sea and led her to discover & love Dip sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars. During the day, she's a marketing consultant and a photographer, capturing the love stories of couples against the stunning backdrop of South Florida's beauty.  Growing up in sunny South Florida has instilled in her a profound love for nature and a deep commitment to protecting it. Whether crossing the Gulf Stream by boat to get to the Bahamas, fly fishing the Everglades (yes, she actually does this), or simply picnicking by the beach, Ashton cherishes every moment in the great outdoors. Her journey as a sustainability warrior in training begins here. The unique ecosystem of this region inspires her daily, fueling her determination to make a positive impact on the world. Join her in riding the waves of sustainability and working together to protect our oceans, one shampoo & conditioner bar at a time :)