pH of the Solid Bars

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A letter from our Chemist about the pH of our Dip Sustainable Hair Care bars:

Dear Kate,

Without getting into too much detail, or boring science talk, the pH measurement is basically the measurement of the amount of Hydrogen ions (H+) in the solution. This basic measurement is utilized in its simplest terms based on the water (H20) in the product and how it reacts with the other ingredients.

 Your bars were created to be anhydrous, meaning no water is present, which is why they are in a solid form. Therefore, we cannot obtain a true pH value. In these situations, it is quite common in the industry to perform a relative pH testing using a percentage of the product being tested mixed with a percentage of water to create a 100% solution. In this case, we used 5% of product with 95% of water. This would be commonly known as a 5% pH test. This is done to create a similar solution as to what would be created with the consumers end use; in this case it would be the bar use in the shower (or wherever for surfers and/or campers, haha). With the test being performed in this manner, here are the relative pH values for your products:

Conditioner: Approximate pH value = 6.2

Shampoo: Approximate pH value = 6.4


Your Favorite Chemist

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