Directions For Use


Full lather, color and chemical treated safe shampoo specially created so any hair type can use it everyday without that dry “overwashed” feeling.

Now you can take a dip or just exist 7 days a week and still have fresh and healthy hair. The dip color safe shampoo bar is pH balanced and delivers vital hair & scalp nourishing nutrients to take care of your hair from scalp to root to ends while still removing oil, buildup and yesterday's styling products.

You don't have to shower every day, but with dip, you could if you want to :)

 Pro Tip: if your shampoo isn’t lathering, lighten up! You’re pressing too hard. 


Before first use:

Prime the bar by lathering in your hands, rubbing it around and roughing it up to break it in.  Our bars arrive to you beautifully smooth, but they need some grit & friction to lather.

Every other use:

  • Golden rule:  always apply very wet bar to very wet hair.
  • Wet your hair then wet your solid shampoo bar.
  • Gently rub the bar directly on scalp and use hands to lather as you would liquid shampoo.
  • A very common mistake is applying a lot of pressure on the bar, it just needs to gently graze the hair to work!
  • Rinse out and follow with the conditioner bar. 

Your hair should feel very clean and ready for the conditioner.


Our conditioner is made for people who love water, wherever they are.

It isn't formulated for eco friendly people, it is formulated for "hair people" who want to ditch plastic but not their beautiful locks (or standards). It leaves your hair soft, shiny, less damaged and also can save you over $200 in your expensive conditioner habit

For many people the full sized bar can last 6+ months to a year

This bar is perfect for:  indoor and outdoor showers, a leave in conditioner, or an after swim hair protector and detangler

To Use:

  • The golden rule: run super wet bar down super wet hair.
  • Keep re-wetting the bar in between swipes and re-applying until your hair has the level of saturation that feels right for you.
  • Rub hair around gently to evenly distribute conditioning & scalp nourishing ingredients.
  • Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing out

Some pointers:

  • The bar will only condition the hair it touches which is why the larger sized bars are always the best for people with lots of hair!
  • For damaged hair, leave some in after rinsing (trust us on this)
  • Add to ends if you're like us and never get hair cuts!


For oily hair:

  • Avoid the roots and apply from mid section to ends. Rinse.

For dry hair:

  • Wet the bar and saturate every strand starting right at the root. Rinse.

For split ends and damage:

  • Love your ends a little extra and leave it in at the end of your shower.

After swim:

  • Run very bar down very hair when you get out of the ocean, lake or pool.
  • Comb through with fingers or wide tooth comb if necessary
  • Air dry, and you’re good to go to your next adventure!

For more details visit our Hair Types page to get down to the nitty gritty on how your hair type uses the bars