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Beauty Design Award Winner for BEST HAIRCARE!
"Perfect Attendance"

Color Safe Shampoo Bar

Dip's shampoo was formulated by runners for runners: gentle enough to use every day, but also great for infrequent showers too :)

Keratin Safe ✔️ Color & Vivid Safe ✔️ Sulfate Free ✔️ Paraben Free ✔️ Silicone Free ✔️ USA Made ✔️ Plant Based & Vegan ✔️ No Pink Tax ✔️ TSA Friendly ✔️ Phthalate Free ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️ Dye & Mica Free ✔️ pH Balanced for Hair ✔️ Lathers like crazy ✔️ Gluten Free ✔️

"The Overachiever"

Conditioner Bar & After Swim Detangler

The Dip Conditioner bar doubles as a post surf or swim hair detangler & leave-in conditioner. Perfect for surfers, divers, & swimmers.

Just one 3 oz bar can save you well over $200 in your luxe conditioner habit (and in many cases even more!)

Keratin Safe ✔️ Color Safe ✔️ Sulfate Free ✔️ Paraben Free ✔️ Silicone Free ✔️ USA Made ✔️ Plant Based & Vegan ✔️ No Pink Tax ✔️ TSA Friendly ✔️ Phthalate Free ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️ Dye & Mica Free ✔️ pH Balanced for Hair ✔️ Instant Results ✔️ Leave-in ✔️ Heat Protectant included ✔️ Air dry & Go ✔️ Gluten Free ✔️

For All Hair Types, Textures, Dramas and Backstories

We take hair just as seriously as we take the environment. We tested our bars on everyone from sun-bleached blondes to silvery white hair to type 4b curls to unruly beards


The historic fundamentals of the beauty industry—filling formulas with ingredients natural and not, encasing them in alluring packaging, shipping products to consumers and retailers around the nation or globe, and attempting to do more and more of all three—aren’t designed to minimize impacts on the earth. Kate Assaraf knows that—and she’s willing to break with the usual ways of doing business in the beauty industry to bring her plastic-free haircare brand, Dip, closer to sustainable ideals she believes beauty brands should strive to achieve.

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This is not only my favorite shampoo bar, but my favorite shampoo — period....I noticed how much better my hair felt and looked after using this shampoo bar and the corresponding plastic-free conditioner.So soft and SO much less frizzy, even when I let it air dry. Don't be deterred by the price. My partner and I are three months into our first bar and there is still PLENTY of life left, so do yourself a favor and try it yourself! 

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...she designed the products for all hair types. That enabled them to create hair care that wouldn't require one family to purchase and store multiple hair products in their shower. It helped them to ensure that sustainability should be and must be for everyone.

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Still laying your bars flat on a coaster?

We think we've found a better way

The BEST for Curls!

Ummm...these scents! They're so good. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your conditioner bar. I have waist length curly hair and it has always been a BEAST to untangle. This bar definitely makes it easier and it makes my hair feel awesome!

Lasts Forever!

Absolutely amazing - sooo soft even with this nasty cold dry weather!! I'm not really just saying this but every day is a good hair day now! I continue to get compliments regularly. Also it's astonishing how long the conditioner bar lasts...I'm going on the 3rd month of daily use and it's still going!

This is my air dry hero!

Went to dinner with some childhood friends last night and they couldn't believe my hair was air-dried and not blown out. They are both buying bars!

Yes, Type 4 Hair Included!

Guest writer Summer Jordan blogs about creating an all-textures welcomed culture