Oops!  Busted!!!!! 

Wait, you didn't think we were going to slap our logo onto a new t-shirt with a novel-backstory about sustainability and sell it to you, did you?

It’s out with the new and in with the old.

No that’s not backwards, we meant what we said.

We don’t want you buying new. There is already enough clothing on the planet.

The fashion and textile industry is one of the biggest polluters of our waterways--and glittering ad campaigns & marketing speak cannot hide the truth about the pollution & havoc our obsession with "new" does to the planet.  

It seems like everyone is talking about huge plastic and ignoring micro plastics.

  1. The best way to protect Earth's water is to buy nothing 
  2. The second best is to buy secondhand  
  3. The third way is to buy less in general