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Your Shampoo Bottles Are Not Causing The Ocean Plastic Problem. Here’s Why That Matters

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

Most shampoo bottles are landfill-bound, not ocean-bound, so be wary of marketing campaigns that automatically tie recycled plastic or plastic-free alternatives as “ocean-friendly”. 

You still need to consider all the plastic around the bottle too, including the plastic film used for palletized goods (cling film literally lasts a millennia before it degrades!)

Our plastic problem goes way beyond what we throw out: it goes back to the amount of virgin plastic we create, the inefficiency of recycling the plastic we already have, and the “on-demand” consumeristic mindset that makes this type of throwaway plastic in such high demand.

5 Ways Travel Can Change Your Perspective on Pollution

Posted by Bec Cristillo on

We’ve all seen them, the Instagram versus reality posts with influencers hitting the right angles to allude to fantastic sights all to themselves and then you see what it really looks like, crowded with tourists...

The Hidden Truth About Plastic Recycling that Nobody Wants to Talk About

Posted by Bec Cristillo on
So why haven’t companies just stopped making plastic, problem solved? Convenience and cost. Plastic is easy to make and costs the least to do so. In addition, plastic production companies want you to believe there’s a sustainable solution so your moral compass is okay with continuing to buy plastic and they continue to run as a business.