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Small Business Spotlight: Dip in with Rise Up Retreats & Kassia Meador

Posted by Kate Assaraf on

 Women friendships (and the shared passions that go with them) are an untapped power source in our industry. These types of friendships can spark some amazing things, and going forward, Kassia and I are ready to put those to good use. 

So this is the meet-cute story of how Dip was built with human connection, and not corporate emails, conference tables, & phone-tag. We invented a new kind of "board meeting". We met with surfboards in the wild: your friendly neighborhood Dipette, Kassia Meador, and the badass crew from Rise Up Retreats.

Here’s Why Surf Hair Isn’t as Dreamy in Real Life as it is in Photographs

Posted by Bec Cristillo on

The Dip Sun Shield is like sunscreen for your strands.

This preventative measure has helped with hair growth as well since it isn’t breaking off at the bottom any more I’m not losing my length faster than it’s growing. This means I’m on my way to that dreamy surf hair we all know and love. 

Here’s Why You Should Always Wear Your Hair Down to Surf

Posted by Bec Cristillo on

Living on North Shore, O'ahu I was surrounded by competitive and professional surfers. They all had their hair down (just look at action shots of Alana Blanchard, her sun soaked blonde hair reaches past her waist and she doesn’t tie it up) but I thought loose hair was only for the professionals, once you got good at surfing. I realized they just knew what I didn’t.

Loose hair while surfing actually tangles less and therefore breaks less than hair tied up while surfing.