Dip In: Postcard

You got a post card!  Great, now what?

Put it in the glove box of your car, and take it out when nature blows your mind away :)

We don't think you can scare people into caring—but maybe we can make things personal by showing the real places that people care about, instead of stock photos of travel destinations. This post card project is meant to enact meaningful & continued change by showing that there are places outside of Malibu & Miami worth protecting (although we love those spots too!)


But first, a "thank you" from us. Use promo code: POSTCARD15 for 15% off your next purchase 

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Step 1: Hold postcard up in front of somewhere you love

    Step 2:  Snap

    Hide the arrow with your thumb and snap! No rules, get creative. No need to have water in the shot either, there are plenty of places worthy of protection!

      Dip postcard project

    When your playground is the wild—the ocean, the forests, the deserts, the mountains, the lakes—and you see these places getting tarnished by indifferent consumers. You take it personally. Find your "personal space".

    Step 3:  Post or Send to us!

    Snap a picture and send to photos@dipalready.com

    Step 4:  Leave No Trace

    • compost the card
    • bury it outside
    • throw it on the floor of your shower before you start (it's a thick card so this might get messy, we recommend compost as your first move!) 

    This postcard is compostable & primarily made of wood pulp fibers. We designed it so that if the wind took it from you while you were holding it up, there's no need to fret. Earth will welcome it back. 

    Don't believe us? The letter at the bottom of the page is that proofy puddin'.

    PS.  Thank you for participating!  We can't wait to see what you guys send us!  

    Dip dissolvable post card material information