Shipping Policy

We are a small business that respects the time of our employees and our manufacturer.  

What that means:  your orders will be processed and ready to ship usually within 3 business days, Monday - Friday, but we will not require anyone on the team to hustle outside of business hours to do so. 

That being said, shipping is never free (for any business) but we will gladly pick up the tab if your order exceeds $75.00 



One last thing:  Let's talk about lost packages.

They're a heartbreaker--for both parties, so we will handle these on an individual basis. 

Before you come at us (or any business) all angry, remember that once the package safely leaves our facility with its tracking number & goes into the wild west of the USPS, it is out of our control.  We don't want anyone to have your package except for you! 

We are on the same team and we can work it out :)

Try and be home when the package is expected--especially in high theft zones!