Bar shampoo and conditioner is on the rise. We’re not going to pretend we’re the only ones doing this, but if you’ve tried to hop on the trend in the past there are some things you might understand as much as we do about why not all bar shampoo and conditioner is the same. 

Let’s start with the good about bar shampoo and conditioner:

  1. Travel just became a breeze. Not only are we forgoing the plastic bottle, we’re also abandoning the little plastic bottle that we pour the liquids into from the big plastic bottle to make sure we abide by TSA standards. Bar shampoo and conditioner is TSA friendly no matter what size you choose. 
  2. You’re not surprised when you run out. Something great about picking up a bar is you can physically see it getting smaller and you know when it needs to be replaced. No more surprises like when using a pump and one day mid shower there’s no conditioner left and you just didn’t know and now your hair is all dried out because you couldn’t condition it. 
  3. They also last so much longer. There are times I forgot when I last bought my bar of shampoo or conditioner because it’s lasting the time multiple bottles would take. 
  4. It saves money. My wallet loves bar shampoo and conditioner. When you add it up and compare bottle to bar I’m cutting my personal hair care spending almost in half. Anyone else who is a hair care fanatic and has ditched the bottle for some quality bars can most likely agree to this. 
  5. No plastic. This one is a given. Without the bottle (as long as they’re packaged plastic free) there’s no plastic and that makes our Earth loving hearts happy. 

And now the things we’ve all struggled with:

  1. The waxy heavy feel of a not so great bar. There have been conditioner bars that I just can’t seem to rinse back out of my hair. I love that smooth sliding feeling of my hair when I slather on the conditioner and if my bar is just making it feel like my strands are sticking together, no thank you. 
  2. The lack of lather in shampoo bars. I don’t feel like I’m actually cleaning my hair when there’s no suds to prove it. 
  3. There are some shampoo bars that have to be followed up by clarifying apple cider vinegar rinses and I’m just not for that. I don’t want vinegar on my hair, I don’t like the smell, I don’t want extra steps, I don’t like how drying it is. To me that was a clear sign that particular shampoo bar doesn’t actually work. 
  4. There’s a hair adjustment period and it was different for every bar I used, sometimes it never adjusted and I abandoned those bars. 

Lastly a neutral we might have learned the hard way:

  1. You have to store them where all sides can dry. If you leave it in streams of water or flat on a surface it gets soft and stuck. 

We get it. We were you, wanting to reduce our plastic consumption and ready to give these bars a go but like a lot of other people, we weren’t ready to give up good hair and products that work.

The other bars just weren’t keeping us from going back to the bottle.

So we made our own with performance at the forefront. We’ve created a solution to these issues.

  • Our shampoo bar has amazing scent, a luxurious lather, and can be used everyday without drying out the hair on any and all hair types.
  • It glides over your hair when applying so you don’t have to push down and risk hair breakage like you do with the other bars.
  • When it comes to conditioner, our bar makes your hair silky smooth and can even be used as a leave in without that waxy of heavy feeling.
  • We even experimented washing half our head with our bar and the other half with luxury products like Oribe and Pureology and our bar won every time.  

So if you’ve been burned by the bar in the past, we urge you to try just one more time. 

We made you a product that actually works, plastic free is just our bonus.