We’ve all seen the plethora of eco-friendly products on the market these days. That should make us happy…right? 


Well, it’s complicated. Let’s be clear: there are tons of truly amazing sustainable brands out there (we see you bite, Dew Mighty, Papr ). It’s the gross greenwashing ones that have soured some buyers’ experiences. 

Just think of the things you see on the rags. “Made of recycled materials” can feel like “made from 5% real juice”. 

Like, great, but what’s in the rest of it? 

Even the best eco-friendly products can run into a problem.

They can be made from ethically-sourced materials, and packaging, but once they’re at a mass level & palletized—their plastic-free promises become hollow.

Psst!  If you don't know about pallets, watch THIS 

This is because many big box stores require pallets to be wrapped several times in single-use plastic.

It’s meant to keep the product safe during transit, but as you can imagine, that takes a LOT of plastic. We’re talking literal yards of thin, stretchy plastic (similar to the plastic wrap that you use in your kitchen) that can never be used again. 

Often, this is something that is beyond the manufacturer’s actual control. So how can sustainable brands avoid this “necessary evil”?

We don’t just “Dip It And Ship It” here.

When our product goes out the door, we want to make sure that you can buy it with a clean conscience. 

So where can you get the best shampoo & conditioner bar on the market? We’re proud to have our products exclusively sold in:

  • refill stores
  • surf shops
  • eco salons
  • eco hospitality
  • small retail chains who agree not to accept palletized goods from us

...and other like-minded businesses because we know that is where the work is being done; where the conversations about the environment are naturally happening among passionate people. 

Our goal is to get you into small stores that do not accept palletized goods.  

That means locally-owned, small-scale, passionately-driven businesses! Sure, we make less money when we send you to stores instead of buying directly from our site, but that’s cool with us because we figure once we get you into a small store, you’ll notice that the experience is better.  

In fact, check our store locator to see where these passionate businesses are!

What You Can Do To Fight Hidden Plastics 

Now don’t it twisted—we love a Target run as much as the next person.

Consumers aren’t to blame for the palletized plastic problem, but that doesn’t mean they should be stuck with that as their only option. 

Let’s be clear: the palletized plastic problem? Not your fault. Still, we think it sucks to not have another option.

Call us stubborn; we aren’t the type to just sit back and sulk. We find solutions!

 Here are just a few ways you can fight this hidden plastic:

  • Shop local when possible! You can find affordable AND environmentally-friendly products right by home. (Plus, your small business owner is likely to be WAY more appreciative of your patronage!)
  • Look for “zero waste packaging” and recycled packaging. It’s not always a sure thing to avoid palletized plastic, but it reflects the company’s dedication to eliminating plastic at ALL levels of business, not just the actual materials of the product. 
  • Look for the sustainable brand “families”. Great minds think alike, after all! Some of your favorite brands probably have brand-buddies that they network with, so this is a great option to find more treasures hiding in plain sight. 

There is a whole network of sustainable entrepreneurs who chat behind the scenes and focus on how to change the rampant consumerism in a way that doesn’t bombard folks with finger-pointing environmentalism. 

We believe packaging can be sustainable at ALL levels. The more consumers demand accountability for businesses, the more we can ensure that products can be eco-friendly at all stages of production, from assembly to shelf. 


The Dip Crew