By guest blogger & Type 4 hair customer:  Summer Jordan

Routines. . . with the popularity of morning and night time routine videos, I feel like this word has become inescapable. This genre of content tends to neatly put together the idea of making these self-care tasks seem enjoyable and relaxing, a real “taking time for myself” type of vibe. And of course, they can be all of
these things. However, when it comes to hair care, for me, it’s nothing short of a struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair. But when I know wash day is coming up, I mentally prepare myself.

My hair texture requires a gentle hand and time to pre-poo, wash, condition (I leave it in for at least 30 minutes. . . I use this as a snack break), rinse, and style with my various curly creams and potions. I need to have a patient hand when detangling and a line-up of podcasts for the entire process.

All of this has led me to realize I’ve developed a somewhat avoidant relationship with my hair. I’ll behonest – I stretch out wash days and literally plan my schedule around it so I can ensure that I have time to do all of my hair rituals and let it dry so I don’t leave the house looking like I just dowsed my hair in Soul Glo.

Sounds like a rather specific description to how I approach my hair? Yes, it kind of is.

Our hair care attachment styles inform so much of our hair choices – how we choose to cut it, style it, and essentially present ourselves to the world. I say this to finally get to my point of, “what’s your hair care attachment style?”


For those of us who feel like we want something super low maintenance and don’t want to fuss with our hair, you may opt for a very easy, low haircut like a pixie cut. Or you can do what a coworker of mine recently did and just shave her head to start fresh after months of bleaching her hair. Perhaps you truly have hair where you can wash and go with little to no product needed for it to look nice?

If you fall under any of these categories, you probably have a secure attachment to your hair. Your hair isn’t something you spend too much time worrying about and you trust it to do what you want.


If dry shampoo is your styling homie and you’ve learned how to stretch out wash days because you dread them, then you’re in the same avoidant attachment camp as me. Welcome friends!

You, of course, enjoy having good hair days like the rest of us. But the effort it takes to just maintain and meet the basic needs of your hair requires a little more effort. Stay tuned, a game-changing tip is on the way. . .


Maybe you have a laissez-faire, comme-ci comme-ca approach to hair? You’re fine with whatever it does and you accept its quirks. If you have a good hair day, great! You struggle understanding the concept of a “bad hair day,” because for you that means wearing a ponytail, a reliable braid, or covering it all up with a tried and true hat. For anyone who vibes with this overall, you probably have an ambivalent attachment to your hair. You have a healthy relationship with your
hair and you let it just do its thing.

No matter what attachment style you believe you fall under, I’m sure we can all appreciate a little hair care suggestions that can make our days easier. A personal favorite of mine is to use a leave-in conditioner. The Dip conditioner bar is an excellent leave-in that has made such a difference for me on wash days. It helps to keep my hair manageable when I get out of the shower and layers well with my
other hair products.

** Avoidant attachment friends, I’m especially talking to you with this suggestion.**

You’ll be glad you did it and your hair will thank you. For the secure and ambivalent attachment crew, using the Dip conditioner bar as a leave-in will make your hair that much nicer. The amazing scent of the bars will have people asking you what fragrance you’re wearing.

Whatever your hair attachment style is, let’s all remember to embrace the qualities about our hair that we feel make us special. Sometimes it’s the traits about our hair that frustrate us that actually make it unique. Whether it’s gravity-defying curls that have lots of volume, or lovely sleek hair that is perfect for a nice braid, let’s remember to appreciate the uniqueness our hair brings to us all.


Thanks Summer!  We love having your unique perspective on the team & we appreciate so much that your blog is human and NOT written by AI  :)