There’s a distinct difference between influencer and content creator. With one there is an artistic skill, a cross between someone who has an eye for aesthetics and film and a personality for entertainment. They typically only work with brands they have used, are dedicated to, and believe in, and are putting a set of skills to work to create something of value to a company. 

And then there are influencers. Influencers don’t necessarily have to posses a skill but instead posses a following. They might be cool, have the house we all want, the clothes we all want, the vacations and life we all claim to want but they also will take any brand deal regardless of ethics. They are your Instagram pictures of fit teas, waist trainers, and the latest gadget guaranteed to do something only probably surgery could actually attain. Sure they have followers which means your product gets put in front of a lot of people, but we also question how much those people really trust their opinion. 

It’s kind of like buying friends to us.

We want someone to rave about our product because we have the best shampoo bar and the best conditioner bar on the market, not because we paid them to tell people we’re the best. And if they feel that way and want to pitch to us a social media campaign, their photography with our product, art, etc. we would LOVE to hear them out on that level. 

But it has to be authentic.

It has to be a real use, real love, real talent, real skill. Authenticity has become rare in this industry, scratch that, in this social media obsessed world, so we’re seeking the refreshing taste of bringing it back. 

If we want to take it a step further into the academia of it all, using influencers also goes directly against our brand message. Buy better, buy less. The use of influencers to reach mass following is to get mass amounts of orders. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to try us out but we aren’t into endorsing people who also contribute to and encourage fast fashion hauls, copious amounts of plastic packaging, and ridiculously high shipping amounts. These practices are all harmful to our environment and we don’t stand for the hypocrisy that comes with promoting eco consciousness a week after a Shein haul. It just doesn’t add up. 

That being said we’ve decided to go the authentic route. Creators and real people, word of mouth marketing, let the product do the talking. If you’ve used us and you like us, we’d love to hear from you!