By the wise words of Syndrome from The Incredibles, “When everyone is super, no one will be.” I never thought I’d be quoting Disney’s Incredibles when I’m about to talk about sustainability but here we are. It’s relevant I promise. 

I’m claiming Syndrome as a prophet of what was to become sustainable beauty lingo, let me rephrase his quote for you,

“when everyone is eco friendly, no one will be.” 

The FDA is extremely under regulating when it comes to beauty and it’s ingredients. This means companies can build a label and slap it on anything, words like “clean”, “all natural”, and “eco friendly” can have little to no meaning since there isn’t a consistent set of guidelines. Everybody is “eco friendly”, “clean”, “natural” with no meaning, so nobody really is. 

That is until Credo Beauty came up with a set of guidelines to assure consumers that every product bought with the Credo Beauty Certification on it met a certain standard.

It’s like making sure everyone in the industry was speaking the same language, understanding each other, and using the same terminology to mean the same things. 

The Credo Clean Standard is a list. A list of ingredients deemed unsafe for the person or the environment, a list of sustainable sourcing, a list of standards for ingredients and companies. It gives meaning to these terms because not just anyone can use them. 

& yes, it is important.

When we ask industries to make bold claims and help us fight things like injustices and climate change we can’t just let them run wild with it otherwise we have no measurable way of knowing if those demands are met. Credo Clean Standard gives us a way of knowing the needs are met and we are in fact moving forward with an industry better for the environment.