Pink tax. 

It’s a term that is divisive among generations. Although the practice has been existent for years it’s only within the last couple of years which it has been named and brought to mainstream attention.

So what is it?

A pink tax refers to the higher cost of items when marketed towards women versus the same item marketed towards men. It’s not an actual tax, it’s just a term used when discussing the blatant cost discrepancies.

Just look at men vs. women’s razors, vitamins, clothing, even children’s toys. If the box is pink or it has “____ for her” on it, you can be almost guaranteed that it’ll ring up at a higher price.

When we talk about the cost of being female and the wage gap, this is a tax that is factored into it. Your big box retail stores are the easiest places to spot this (maybe that’s another reason we support shopping small 😳)



Most data will support that the pink tax costs a woman an average of 1,351 USD per year in comparison to if a man bought the same quantity. 

We’re not cool with this discrepancy so we refuse to let it creep into our costs. We have shampoo bars and the best conditioner bar for any gender. We decided to give an array of scents, some typically more masculine and some more feminine, so people can still choose what scent brings them the most joy at shower time, however our feminine scents do NOT come with higher price. 

The hair on your head has the same chemical make up as the person next to you regardless of gender.

We made the best shampoo bars and best conditioner bars for all hair types and all hair dramas, that to us means all genders as well.