Today’s technology allows people to buy globally instead of just what’s available in their backyards, it also allows providers to source out to manufacturers, labs, and producers overseas to get higher amounts of inventory for cheaper. But it comes at a cost. 

Overseas manufacturers don’t always possess as high of standards in terms of working conditions and workers rights, or putting in environmental protections. 

We decided, as should others, that this cost was not worth a cheaper price tag.

So our bars are made in America. With the reduction in transportation and addition of EPA regulations on companies in the States, producing them here caused a major reduction in our carbon footprint. 

Now we’re not going to claim to be perfect. That saying, ‘it’s better to have 100 imperfect environmentalist than 1 perfect environmentalist’ we believe in that heavily.

So we do have a disclaimer to make, our travel tins & accessories have traveled overseas.

We are a small business and the ability to get tins made in America just wasn’t possible. Even when we found American vendors they still sourced out to overseas manufacturers. We’re not perfect, but we’re bettering ourselves, our business, and with it our Earth. 

We invite you to be an imperfect environmentalist with us and look for majority of your products stamped ‘USA Made’ but don’t worry, we won’t cancel you from the movement if you can’t :)