A note from Bec:

For a long time I had the privilege of living across the street from a surf break on North Shore, O'ahu. This meant beach days without lugging heavy bags and coolers across a parking lot and down a mile of sand. 

I could barefoot cross the road with just a bathing suit on and a surfboard propped on my head, however, I would never—not once—head over without my dip conditioner bar. 

An essential for any surf session.

I was lucky to have tried Dip before it was available on the market (the perks of being on the inside!) Before paddling out I would dive in the water soaking my hair and soaking the best conditioner bar I have used and coat every strand on my head. It would last me every wave and every wipeout protecting my hair from the salt of the water, the sun beating down, and not a tangle in sight.

After getting done I would pass the soaking wet bar over my hair one more time and let it air dry.

No tangles, no breakage, and no sticky after ocean feeling. I could head right to work, dinner, or whatever else my day held. 

Truly a surf essential.