Travel comes in all different forms. From resorts and luxury travel to budget backpackers who aren’t even checking a bag at the airport. No matter who you are, hotel or hostel, feeling your best while away from home is essential to getting the full experience. Nobody can have a good time when they don’t feel their best.

Personal care is a huge piece of that and as avid travelers ourselves (who do span the range of airport lounge to airport floor) we’ve struggled with TSA liquid requirements

Pouring from big bottle of shampoo and conditioner into little (under 3oz) bottle of shampoo and conditioner is not only extra eco-un-friendly but also comes with risks and no rewards.  

We’ve had crushed bags and burst bottles of conditioner all over our clothes and running out of product just a couple days after we get to our destination being left with drying hotel hair “care” (if you can even call it caring). 

With those problems in mind, our best conditioner bar became our best travel hack.

Since it is not liquid, they’re TSA approved at BOTH of our sizes. A single bar lasts months so you don’t have to worry about running out and our soon to come travel tins make moving them from point A to point B a breeze. 

Until those tins get here (the manufacturing world is currently a mess behind the scenes) we recommend wrapping them in a terry cloth towel and keeping them dry while at your destination by setting them on a rubber band wrapped mason jar lid. 

We still don’t enjoy going through airport security, but at least it’s no longer a hassle.