Type 1A is that “pin straight”.

The people who can’t get a curl to hold for the life of them. It’s typically also wispy and soft. People with 1A might also struggle with “flat” hair that lays right against the head. 

Type 1B is where a little more body comes in.

Still straight by definition but lifts at the root a little more giving it some texture.

Type 1C has a slight airy wave.

It extends that body to the ends with a couple bends here and there. Close to a super loose beach wave.  

Type 1 hair has its perks, typically soft shiny and manageable it’s a hair type easy to exist with minimal effort however many with type 1 hair complain about its stubbornness in styling and how fast it appears greasy. 

When applying the Dip conditioner bar, avoiding the roots is key. Is it the best conditioner bar for straight hair?  We think so--but it also works wonders if air drying your hair is your thing. Just swipe & dip dry!

Check out some Dip on straight hair: