The great debate, is wavy hair curly? 

The answer we’ve found is no. It’s classified as its own hair type with its own challenges, perks, and quirks, but don't fret--Dip has you covered.  The trick is applying extra after you rinse as a leave in conditioner. 

Our shampoo is always magical:  the less you press, the more it lathers. 

Wavy hair can be very temperamental and the condition of it relies heavily on the environment.

They’re typically the ones you hear complain about humid days saying their hair puffs up and super dry winter months leaves it flat. Good news is, understanding your hair type helps you manage it!

Type 2A is fine and loose with an S shape to it.

Think slept in braids if you’re a Type 1 person. Think, the hair you see if you look up “beach waves” on Pinterest. 

Type 2B starts to introduce some thickness with a more defines S shape.

This hair type is more prone to frizz and starts to become more work to manage it. 

Type 2C is thick and very defines S shape.

This is the one most likely to be confused with curly hair since it’s almost at that ringlet stage. This is also where hair becomes more difficult to style and brushing it out while dry is a solid no. 

Type 2 hair comes with the benefit of not to oily and not to dry. The perfect mix for healthy hair. The S shape is determined by how many bonds are formed in between the keratin proteins that make up your strands of hair. 

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