The hair type conversation is a love-hate relationship for every curly haired gal we’ve met.

Why are all the products either extremely cheap or insanely overpriced? 

Why am I squeezing out half the bottle of conditioner on wash day? 

Oh, and the humidity?!

On not a good hair day you might contemplate shaving it all off, but those days when the weather is perfect, or you slept on it just right, or you’ve got your styling routine down, you are the envy of straight haired girls around the world :)

Dip's shampoo bar is always magic:  the less you press, the more it lathers which means that you won't have to worry about friction removing your precious strands.

Dip is the best conditioner bar for perfect curls because it also doubles as a very moisturizing leave in conditioner.  Curlies, we absolutely kept you in mind during development, so don't you fret! 

For some (not all) of our customers, they were even able to ditch their plastic bottled curl cream completely!

Type 3A is the type so close to a 2C.

If your hair wraps naturally around a piece of sidewalk chalk, you have 3A hair. Your hair might have some ringlets some places but other spots have looser S shaped curls that don’t seem to spring from your head but instead weigh downwards. 

Type 3B is voluminous and contains a lot of loosely spiraled curls. 

If your hair wraps naturally around a permanent marker, 3B it is. 

Type 3C tightens up those curls and packs them in densely.

People with 3C tend to have issues keeping moisture in their hair. If your curls wrap naturally around a pencil, you have 3C hair. 

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