Each level of type 4 hair is unique in its patterns of curls and coils.

We have found that Type 4 hair is very much left out of the sustainability conversation, and we were not cool with that. 

Our dip shampoo bar lathers beautifully on Type 4 curls and also provides lots of much needed moisture!

The dip conditioner bar will save you a ton in your luxe conditioner habit on type 4 hair because it can be deliberately and methodically applied on wash day.  That means you are completely in control of how it soaks into those beautiful coiled curls of yours!  

The dip conditioner bar can also be used as a hair mask & for many, a replacement for plastic bottled curl creams.  How cool is that?!

Type 4A is tightly coiled and has an S shape when stretched out.

It also has the least amount of shrinkage of type 4 hair. 

Type 4B is tightly coiled and has a Z patter when stretched.

There’s a high level of shrinkage and it’s hard to have defined curls without styling products. 

Type 4C is super tight and close curls.

It has the highest amount of shrinkage and least amount of individual curl definition. 

But my god, isn't it so beautiful!

Check out some Dip on coils (no added curl cream, which you may still want to keep in your routine):