We like to talk about sustainable going beyond the product line and into our attitudes, expectations, and supports. The sustainability movement is collaborative, a network, a community of small thinkers helping each other out.

In setting up a brand there are a lot of behind the scenes helpers making it possible. And behind every great hair brand in particular is a great hair brand photo shoot, but just like everything else we do we decided to dip out of the mainstream of hired models and sterile looking studios and dove in head first to utilize our local network of people who actually love our product and messaging and supportive local businesses. 

18 friends, family, friends of friends, family of family, and our solo employee gave up their Sunday to support and pose at Mancuso Salon & Spa in Sparta, New Jersey. These were real people who actually used the product so the energy was fun trying to move past that awkward stiffness that so many people face when in front of the camera. They are not professional models and the portraits reflect that but that’s the authenticity we were going for. 

Our goal was to make hair care so good that plastic free was just the bonus, not the convincing selling point. 

When selling a product with such a bold claim, authenticity matters.

Our mission is to shop small, buy better & buy less, support local. We will not sell out to big box retailers that don’t fit our desires of sustainability in order to make a pretty penny. 

When establishing a company with such an out there mission, giving credit matters. 

So we thank Mancuso for making our first photo shoot possible and providing us with the space, the time, the hair stylists and make up artist to support our mission in providing a sustainable option to loving your strands (but that’s just the bonus part).